Nov 3, 2010

My Christmas Story - A Little Early but Actually 23 Years Overdue!

I've got a funny and very cool story to tell you of something that happened to me recently.

A few weeks ago, (Oct. 14), I was meeting with my Coach. We were catching up and I mentioned that I had an issue that I wanted to work on as it was getting worse every year.

Issue was, I hated Christmas! I know. I never use that "h" word but here I was using it.

As I explained, I was at a point where I had roped my niece and nephew into coming over on the pretense of helping Aunt Glenda decorate. I had given all my wrapping paper and ribbon away to my Mom and my Daughter and would only throw the obligatory presents in bags and cover with tissue. The last 3 years my Mother and my Sister couldn't stand it and had resorted to putting my Christmas tree up and then I was stuck with having to take it down and put it away.

I hadn't always been like this I said, it had happened I guess over the 20 year relationship that I'd had with a fellow that despised the holiday season and we'd fight leading up to it and for a few months after when the bills came in. You see he was raised in a home where it was a good year when he received a comb and a pair of socks because most years he didn't get anything.

I remembered loving Christmas, my Mom would lock herself away downstairs, with Elvis singing Blue Christmas, and draw and decorate with sparkles our presents...they were beautiful. Later when I was a single Mother, each mid November I put out a decoration, then a couple of days later another, and then another, building the anticipation and excitement for me and my daughter.

Well my Coach proceeded to do a technique with me called Linguistic Parts Integration which I teach to my students and utilize with my clients.

When done she asks me how I feel about Christmas now, I answered, "I won't know until I go and do something."

I know that you'll never know how something is going to feel until you just go and do it.

Well two days later I was at the mall and happened by the Bowring store. I spied a silver and crystal sparkling sleigh (table centerpiece). Checked the price and said excitedly, "I'll take two!"

So my girlfriend comes over for supper, I tell her my Christmas story and I proudly show off my sleigh and then said wait, (I go down into the basement) I want to show you some of my stuff.

The next thing I know, I'm bringing up all these buckets and buckets of Christmas paraphernalia - and I'm getting my friend to put all the batteries in "Santa and the Skaters" and the "Carousel" the "Gumdrop House", etc., we went through 36 AA and AAA's!

I said to her, I can't believe I'm doing this, it's not even Halloween yet, this is crazy! We laughed!

Linguistic Parts Integration is a very powerful tool and is believed to be one of the most powerful of the Neuro Linguistic Programming tools.

So what is Parts Integration?

It is a linguistic inductive process and a chunk up technique, used with clients that have a particular difficult conflict at the unconscious level.

All problems are contained in a "part" and all parts are part of the unconscious mind that have become functionally detached from the rest of the nervous system and they block the flow of neuro network information, which causes incongruency.

In a nutshell, when you hear yourself or someone else say, "well, part of me really wants to do blank and part of me wants to do the opposite of blank". There's a behaviour conflict at the unconscious level, an incongruent behaviour.

Have you ever found yourself postponing decisions because one part within you says yes and another part, which may be self-doubt or fear, keeps you from actually doing anything?

It uses a lot of energy to try and resolve our inner conflict or just try to keep and maintain a balance in our lives. It can drain us an stress us out.

Behaviour that is incongruent can hold you back from reaching your full potential.

Parts Integration is a scripted process which essentially separates intention from behaviour and by getting the parts to realize that they both always had the same highest intention, allows the previously conflicted part to merge back into the wholeness inside and conflict resolved.

The process from start to finish can be as short at 5 and as long as 15 minutes! Pain and drama-free.

So what if you could simply get rid of all the conflicts and put that extra energy into getting your goals!

Cheers to Your Health!