Jun 9, 2011

What are your Favourite Excuses? No Time...No Money...No Energy

Or does it go like this...

"Well I feel this is the course for me but I can't because my husband won't let me" or

"I would've loved to have been a (blank) but my family wouldn't let me" or

"I can't because you see, my kids need me".

Any of these sound familiar?

Here's an Awareness for you:

The only reason that the opportunity is in front of you now, is because you're ready!

When your excuses surface remember that you are avoiding the opportunity that's just presented itself and this is how you are rationalizing it and Not engaging with this experience.

In doing so, you are Giving Your Power Away. This experience is in your life because you created it, unconsciously of course.

Once you commit and put your Time, Money and Energy to the opportunity you want, you'll get tested up to at least 3 times to see if you're serious, so be ready.

We talk about another powerful concept "C & E" in our "Designing Your Destiny (TM)" Leadership & Empowerment weekends.

Cause is greater than Effect

Living on the "C" side of the equation means that you're the Creator and the Cause of things in your life, you know you have the power to choose and you have the Results that you're looking for.

Living on the "E" side means that you've given your power away by blaming everyone - you're "At Effect". You have all the "Excuses" and "Reasons" for: why you're not Who you want to be or why you're not Doing what you want to do or why you don't Have what you want to have!

Which side of the cause & effect equation are you on?

Choose to Accept the Opportunity now!

Cheers to Your Health,

Jan 19, 2011

Is the "How" a Goal will come into your life important & "Obstacles"...do you appreciate them?

Resolution - What does that mean to you?

Commitment? Being firm & determined? Resolve, a promise, a decision to do/not do something?

A Goal - A Result

And once made, do you surrender to the "How"? "How" it's going to happen, "how" it's going to come about, "how" it will show up in your life?

Like we do with a S.M.A.R.T. Goal, once created, set and placed in our Time Line, we don't care about the "How". (Btw, we do this with our Coaching Clients and at our Designing Your Destiny weekend events).

Do we make a Plan - Yes!

Do we Action it - Yes!

For most, do they surrender the "How" it's going to Exactly come into their life - nope!

The Universe will determine the "how", this is called surrendering to the attachment to the goal.

It's like mailing a letter, once you've dropped it in the box, you expect that it will be delivered. You don't necessarily know all the different people involved along the way, the actual route that the truck takes, etc. etc. etc. But you did your part, you made the Plan and wrote the letter/card, bought the stamp, addressed it, opened the mailbox and put it in.

Just stay focused on the Plan and Action it.

Obstacles, you know those obstacles that you usually run into on the way to your goal, well I believe that's the Universe assisting us. Those obstacles provide us with the opportunity to pick up the much needed resources that we hadn't thought about before that we'll need to get to our goal.

Instead of saying to yourself, (with drama), "Oh I guess it just wasn't meant to be" and giving up. Realize that these obstacles have gifts, they're called "Awareness", be thankful and adjust the Plan.

With these "Awareness's'", you realize that there's other Resources/Skills that you don't currently have but you need them if you want to achieve your goal.

Think about it, "if you never got the Awareness's how would you know that you needed something , would you ever move forward?

Ok, so you identify what you need, adjust the Plan and go and get these Resources/Skills.

Now, you can Manage your results and achieve your Goals.

Cheers to Your Health,

P.S. If you're looking to expand your Awareness's, come to one of our Designing Your Destiny events - visit us at www.gijohnsonconsulting.com