Jul 12, 2010

#38 - "Doubt, of whatever kind, can be ended by action alone."

Thomas Carlyle
1795 - 1881
Philosopher and Author

#38 - 180.5 (+0.5) total -19 lb

Strange happenings yesterday.

As I said I assisted this past w/e at a very transformational event.

Yesterday at lunch, all of a sudden I felt weak, dizzy and nauseous. I was running around cooking my lunch and dinner on the BBQ, checking on the pool, watering the dry gardens, etc. all within an hour!

Normally that kind of activity for me is not an iss (I've always been like the ever ready energizer bunny) but I've come to recognize and realize to watch my VLF (Vital Life Force energy) when Training during this protocol. They say in the HCG instructions "no strenuous exercise but can do cardio" and "that it's best if your life is not high stress".

Well, it's not that the training is stressful for me or the participants because it's actually really fun but...for me it's high energy!

I hadn't noticed that this protocol was affecting my energy that much but it makes sense.

Learning's, learning's, learning's...

It's All Good!

As I said the other day, I've been in contact with another company in the States and have been reading their literature that they provide with the HCG and I've decided to make this Wednesday, Day #40 the end of this round for me based on my crazy schedule for the next 2 weeks. And I'm pretty much finished my NLP Health Breakthrough - probably will have one more visit to check in and do any other touch ups on my Strategies or any Limiting Beliefs that I may come across that are non-supportive to my Health. :)

That means that on Thursday and Friday I'll continue to eat 500 calories but no more HCG. I'll start the Stabilization Phase for the following 21 days (3 weeks).

Stabilization Phase:
You are allowed to eat basically whatever you want from the "allowed" list (which you've been eating from) but still within this phase starch and sugar-free!! If you start out with the idea that you've been eating 500 cal/day and test your body with maybe 1500 cal, if you drop a pound then you need to add more calories. This is what I found in late March after I'd finished Round 1. The idea is to increase your calories to allow your body to let you know where your new weight set point is. This new weight set point will also be reset in the hypothalamus. It is stressed not to gain 2 pounds or lose 2 pounds.

You refrain from continual weight loss! It is very important to eat All meals. You want to set a healthy metabolism and as each person is different, you need to see which foods work for you without weight gain and adjust accordingly.

Eat 5-6 times a day, breakfast, lunch, dinner and 3 snacks - this keeps the metabolism moving.

If you exercise more you will have to take in more calories to sustain your weight. You have to listen to your body.

During stabilization, oils are allowed, but use in moderation remembering to use the heart healthy fats. You can have protein including eggs, fruit, and vegetables (off the list-corn, potato, corn, peas, yams, summer squash and pumpkin or any other starch vegetable). Cheese and milk are acceptable within moderation but be careful of yogurt. Most brands contain added sugar (low fat dairy products are recommended).

Check labels, weigh yourself daily.

Now here's an interesting "To Do":

Remember you should never lose or gain more than 2 pounds. If you go up 2 pounds do a steak day.!

Steak Day: To do a two pound recovery, abstain from all food until the evening meal when you are allowed a large steak cooked in oil or butter and one apple or tomato.


Cheers to Your Health!