Jun 12, 2010

Ever Tried to Change a Habit/Behaviour Consciously?

Welcome to my life. For someone that values privacy, this is definitely a jump right out of my comfort zone.

I had originally intended to post my journey on my website after I made it to my goal but when Schelle, my sis, suggested that I should blog so that people could get a feel for what I'm up to, hear all the news - good & bad and really see me progressing, I decided to do it. So, thank you for joining me on my mission.

Have you ever tried to change a habit/behaviour consciously? Were you successful? Bet not. That's because all Learning, Behaviour and Change happens at the unconscious level, period. Our unconscious is the domain of our emotions, our feelings and drives our behaviour. Whereas our conscious mind is in control of our thinking, it's logical and analytical. The unconscious is actually the boss. A fact I didn't know until 6 years ago and didn't pay attention to until recently.

I'd spent the better part of 35 years fighting the battle of the bulge , trying to consciously lose weight and pretty much tried every diet known to man/woman. I believe I have found the secret protocol to easy, quick and permanent weight reduction utilizing Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy(R) (TLT) and Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), so decided to share.

Although I'm beginning this blog today, I need to back up a little bit and give you some history.

Firstly, I'm a Trainer & Master Practitioner of NLP, TLT, Hypnotherapist and Master Coach. I have been involved with these fantastic tools and techniques that install change quickly and easily for the past 6 years and run a successful business where I utilize them in coaching people to their goals. I know that the Breakthrough program that we utilize works, we guarantee our results. Thing was, I hadn't gotten serious about my own health until this past Jan. I just needed to literally get off my duff and take responsibility for my change and hire my Coach.

So, I signed up for a Health Breakthrough on January 22, 2010, where my Coach did Strategy work with me regarding exercise. I never exercised, never thought about. Strategy work is very powerful. Since then I happily walk 5 out of 7 days!

Then, as we know, we all want everything like "yesterday, faster, quicker" which brings me to the other part of this equation, HCG. Another Master Coach like myself in the States that I'd become friends with, owns her own Healing Centre and all I kept hearing was this buzz about her Weight Loss Protocol and how successful it was.

That evening of Jan. 22, I phoned her up, she shared with me the process of how she puts our NLP Breakthrough (B.T.) and the HCG together. I ordered it right away and she shipped me the HCG and all the pertinent information to get started.

I also told her that I intended to use myself as a guinea pig and if this HCG worked as well as I'd heard it did and hoped it would, then I wanted to bring it to Canada to share and utilize it with my Clients, so that they could get to their results quicker too!

Btw I'm 5'4", currrently wear size 14 and 53 yrs. young:

Feb. 3 & 4 Phase I - "Binge Days" - this wasn't really overly fun, although I thought it was going to be but it's a very important part to setting you up for success...I'll explain more in a future post or a link

Feb. 5 (214 lb) - Mar 19 - Phase II - I did the first round of the HCG (which runs for a max of 45 days) and began the NLP B.T. Reduced 19.5 lb., 3% Body Fat and 1 1/4" - 3 1/2"

Mar 20 (195.5 lb) - May 9 -Phase III Maintenance (no HCG) - kept within 4 lb. of Mar. 19th weight during this time.

May 7 - (up 3 1/2 lb) Appointment with my Coach, we did more Strategy work specifically because during the 45 days of the HCG I'd found that I couldn't go longer than 4 days straight without cheating, usually it was salty snacks. As is routine with our coaching, we assign tasks and she assigned me a Task to support this new strategy. The task was that for 7 days (May 10-17) I needed to follow Phase III-Maintenance 100% faithfully.

May 10 (199 lb) - 17 (191.5 lb) I was successful with the task and reduced by 7 1/2 lb.

Then like a ding dong I fell off the wagon for 2 weeks (continued to weigh myself daily) and regained the 7 1/2 lb. :(

A couple more appointments with my Coach doing Values & TLT work near the end of May, back on track.

I had intended to do another round of HCG in combination with my NLP B.T., just in hindsight should've been sooner. Oh well.

So round 2 of HCG arrived on June 3

June 5 & 6- Phase I (199.5 lb)

Phase II June 7 (199.5 lb)

Yes I know, you probably have tons of questions, I'll get to them.

It is my intention to continue to log my process, not only the numbers but also to share my insights, what one can expect and things to look out for, etc.

It's amazing what you find out about yourself. During the 1st round I discovered that I was eating for reasons other than hunger, like bored, lonely, tired to name a few.

As of today, Day #8, (194.5 lb) reduced 5 lb. I awoke on and off through the night with a nagging headache which tells me two things, one my body had a lot of toxins it' was trying to get rid of and two I need to be drinking more water.

I'm going to sign off for now and do my best to make future posts shorter :)

Cheers to your Health,