Jul 8, 2010

#34 - "Imagination grows by exercise, and contrary to common belief, is more powerful in the mature than in the young."

Paul McCartney

#34 - 184.5 (-1) Total -15 lb

Speaking of imagination, that's what I tell my clients when we're working with Time Line Therapy TM (TLT), all they need to do is be able to take direction and have an active imagination, as it's actually their unconscious mind that's doing all the work anyway.

TLT was developed in around 1986 by Dr. Tad James and who co-wrote the book "Time Line Therapy and The Basis of Personality" in '88 with Wyatt Woodsmall-what a wealth of information!

TLT allows me to assist clients in eliminating negative emotions, limiting beliefs, limiting decisions and phobias, each in 15 min. or less...permanently. Compared to traditional therapy where the ratio is 1:1, you have to essentially talk about your problem for as long as you have had the problem and you may never get resolution.

TLT is simple and quick and it also increases the amount of energy and emotional resources in a person.

As Dr. James explains, an individuals' personality can become blocked due to unreleased negative emotions like anger, fear, sadness and guilt as well as long forgotten limiting decisions.

I am sure you must've had the experience of feeling less energetic when you were feeling sad or upset. And all of us, have certainly made limiting decisions in our lives when we thought we couldn't do something but later on discovered that we had abilities and resources that we previously thought were lacking.

TLT is a simple communications technique that's elegant, quick and efficient.

Cheers to Your Health!