Jun 16, 2010

"The real winners in life are the people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better."

Quote by Barbara Pletcher - Author

Day #12 - down 1.5 lb, body fat up .5%

Yesterday was a great day until the early afternoon, was out shopping and Bam! didn't think I'd make it back home to the bathroom in time or whether to kneel or sit down when I got there! Wow, was I sick, lasted 2 1/2 hours, then gone.

Dr. Hamer's work, which I studied this winter, he calls it a "healing crisis" due to a resolution of an emotional conflict. I think I would've appreciated it a little easier myself, with a little notice that it's coming but the quick part I like, rather than lasting 24 hours or so. His work marries very nicely with NLP and TLT, so for anyone that's curious check out www.newmedicine.ca

Well, then you can imagine what happened to the rest of my day...no apple in the afternoon-too busy in the bathroom. Remember I said about planning and having the correct foods on hand, hmmm, well, I had planned when I was out earlier to buy groceries, so I still needed to go.

So off I go and by the time I get home, I'm getting hungry, it's after 8 (it's recommended that you don't eat past 8), I'm still feeling weak, decide to cook spinach (allowed) but the look of the raw fish in the fridge is not doing it for me, I want comfort...oh oh.

Note to Self: Remember before starting the protocol to clean out the Junk/Snacks cupboard and other unsupportive foods for your health while on the program.

Needless to say, I found and ate 8 tostitos and a whack of cheese (about 1 oz.) - both of which are not allowed! Which would explain the Up .5% of fat. Oh well, today is a new day and this is called life! :)

Also, we're all just doing the best we can with the resources available and when it comes to your awareness that you need something, ask-where can I get these and go and get them...take action!

Cheers to Your Health,