Jul 14, 2010

#40 - "Enthusiasm is one of the most powerful engines of success. When you do a thing, do it with all your mind. Put your whole soul to it.

Stamp it with your own personality. Be active, be energetic, be enthusiastic, and faithful and you will accomplish your object. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."
Ralph Waldo Emerson
1803 - 1882 Essayist, Philosopher and Poet

#40 - 181 (-2) total -18.5 lb

Was going to make this my last day and I've changed my mind.

I want to get into the next level...the 170's!

These have been my mini goals, the 190's, the 180's...

Then I can stabilize there until I decide what I'm going to do next.

This other supplier that I found does her program a little different than the one that I've been on. One of the biggest differences I saw was that they allowed a Melba toast or Breadstick @20 cals worth per meal. Didn't have that on mine. I find that odd since one of the main ideas is that you're supposed to be off sugars and carbs for the duration of the program.

I'm thinking that I may do another round and I'll follow this other program's directions to see which one I like the best.

You know it's like making a cake. The first time you follow the recipe exactly. Then you play with it to see how you can make it better. That's that Values Level 5 in me!

Cheers to Your Health!