Oct 7, 2013

 Here's a great resource that I give as a task to my
Relationship Rescue Clients

'5 Love Languages' - Gary Chapman

Fabulous little book that can open up positive communication between yourself and your partner.
Ever tried to tell your other half what behaviour you like and what you don't?  How'd that go over? Right.
Well we like all the 5 Love Languages:  Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, Physical Touch.  We have one that is our favourite and we tend to use it on everyone, including our mate.  However, usually their favourite is not ours.
Well the '5 Love Languages' is short, simple and easy with a quick little questionnaire - less than 10 min each.  Can be done together which is even better as it opens up the dialogue in a fun way that lets the other person know what you prefer/or not, and by the way, without the Drama like in the past!  Then the book is used as a reference so that you can look up each others preferences where it has many great suggestions for you to use.