Oct 26, 2012

Do you put Your Expectations on Others?

There was a young lady who posted comments on Facebook recently:

"It's true.
The ppl you thought would never hurt you...will and do!
 No quote needed. True Story."

And looking to shed some light, I felt the need to respond...

"I remember I used to have hurt feelings a lot when I was younger.  Then a fellow that I worked for,  Dr. A. Davidson, D.C., gave me a new perspective.  He said to me, 'if you continue to expect other people to behave the same way that you would, you'll continually set yourself up for disappointment because everybody is different.'

Now years later I find in my therapeutic work with Clients that the #1 cause for them feeling hurt is exactly that - they put their expectations on other people, mainly their Family and Friends.

Here's a couple of anonymous examples; 'I feel hurt because no one really understands how difficult it is raising two boys alone', 'I felt hurt when my family was in crisis and my brother never visited and called less than I would have liked.'

As with any issue that a Client comes to me with, whether it's to lose weight, have a better relationship, make more money, be a better Mother, etc., we can trace the beginnings of the issue back to before the age of 7.  So then when the Client and I get rid of the old hurt they'll find something very interesting and the next time you see the similar actions (like the ones in the past), you'll just feel neutral about it."

Here's to a more freeing perspective.

Cheers to Your Health!

P.S. Yes I changed the referential index in the last paragraph of my response on purpose...