Jul 25, 2010

Stable #10 - "Few things help an individual more than to place responsibility upon them and to let them know that you trust them."

Booker T. Washington
1856 - 1915 Educator & Writer

Stabilization Day #10 - 181 lb
(July 16 - Aug 5)

Well I came home late Fri night, weighed in yesterday a.m. and was 184 after a week of no scales, chaos and running around-I'd say I did very well. Only up 3.

The idea is to stay within 2 up or down from the end weight, in my case, 181. They suggest a "Steak Day" which I could've done yesterday but didn't remember that fact until after I'd had breakfast-lol.

It's funny but I really want to continue on my mission, to lose approximately another 40 lb but need to wait at least 6 weeks in between each round of HCG.

The reason being is that you "Stabilize" for the 1st 3 weeks, increasing your caloric intake, to allow your body to let you know where your new weight set point is. You want to set a healthy metabolism. Your body is also getting rid of any HCG in it.

Then the 2nd 3 weeks is "Maintenance", where you slowly add in other foods, weighing every day and they suggest using the steak day when necessary.

As in all proper goal setting, when you achieve one, you set another. I've planned my next round, which will be for 23 days based on the other information that I acquired recently.

That would make it Aug. 26 - Sept. 20.

Cheers to Your Health!