Apr 11, 2013

"Get the Life You Want" ~ Richard Bandler 2008

"Get the Life you Want" is such a bold statement to make and this book helps you focus exactly on that.

Richard so easily and briefly explains, so that those yet to be trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis, can understand and play along with him and get results from the multitude of mini 'how to" exercises throughout the book.

The book is separated into 3 Sections:

Intro - Getting to Know Your Brain

1-  Getting Over It - e.g. Bad Suggestions, Fear, Bad Memories

2 - Getting Through It - e.g. Habits, Compulsions, Tests

3 - Getting To It - e.g. Exercising, Organized, Making More Money

In the intro he talks about taking Mental Inventory and how the brain works. Richard Bandler on NLP:  "When you learn how people think, you can teach them how to change the way they think." So therefore, "When you think in a new way, you get to do new things and you get to feel new things." (pg. xxvii Intro)

" Feelings can't stay still, they are always moving somewhere, in some direction.  It doesn't matter where it is, it matters what you do with it.  Our feelings are not outside of our control." pg 10-11 how to change your feelings by noticing and spinning in the opposite direction

1 - "Getting over things is often about helping people to learn how to get their minds to let go of things.  It means that you put your problems into the past where they belong.  We are thinking beings when we think deliberately.  When we let our thoughts just happen to us, we lose our personal freedom." pg 96 "Make Good Decisions Exercise" I teach this to my Clients

2 - As he says, a lot of what we learn is extremely useful, however it turns into a problem when the habits we've built are out of control and serve no real purpose.  "In order to get through these things, human beings need what I believe is one of the most important elements to get through anything:  sheer, unadulterated determination. This is something you can never have enough of."  pg 115 is the how to "Become More Determined Exercise"
3 -  Being able to get to the things that are important to you is the next step.  As Richard says, "Most people I've found in life spend far too much time worrying about their problems and not enough time getting to have fun.  Getting to have more fun is an important part of being happy."  We all want more of that, do we not?  For sure we have duties and obligations and being able to motivate oneself is definitely a useful skill to have. pg 155 "Making Things Fun Exercise"

This book allows you to learn more ways to have control over how you feel so that you have more control over what you do.  Thank you Richard Bandler for another great personal and coaching resource!
"If you change the way you think, it changes the way you feel, which changes the way you act." ~ Richard Bandler

Cheers to Your Health,

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*all quotes are by Richard Bandler unless otherwise noted

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